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Added stuff to allow multiple move VOPs per SC pair, with selection ebing

done by the primitive type of the operands.  Also, added stuff to delete
moves to :NORMAL TNs that have no reads.  Changed the existing 
special-casing of unread results to only punt on :NORMAL TNs.
Also, fixed the move/coerce generation stuff to just leave alone the MOVEs
that are o.k., instead of deleting the old MOVE and inserting a new one.
parent 2dac9e98
......@@ -145,21 +145,26 @@
(get-operand-info op)
(declare (ignore costs more-p))
(collect ((load-lose)
(dotimes (i sc-number-limit)
(let ((i-sc (svref (backend-sc-numbers *backend*) i)))
(when (eq (svref load-scs i) t)
(cond ((not (sc-allowed-by-primitive-type i-sc ptype))
(load-lose i-sc))
((not (if write-p
(svref (sc-move-vops op-sc) i)
(svref (sc-move-vops i-sc) op-scn)))
(move-lose i-sc))
((not (find-move-vop op-tn write-p i-sc ptype
(let ((vops (if write-p
(svref (sc-move-vops op-sc) i)
(svref (sc-move-vops i-sc) op-scn))))
(if vops
(dolist (vop vops) (move-lose (template-name vop)))
(no-move-scs i-sc))))
(error "Representation selection flamed out for no ~
obvious reason."))))))
(unless (or (load-lose) (move-lose))
(unless (or (load-lose) (no-move-scs) (move-lose))
(error "Representation selection flamed out for no obvious reason.~@
Try again after recompiling the VM definition."))
......@@ -169,6 +174,8 @@
~@[The primitive type disallows these loadable SCs:~% ~S~%~]~
~@[No move VOPs are defined to coerce to these allowed SCs:~
~% ~S~%~]~
~@[These move VOPs couldn't be used due to operand type ~
restrictions:~% ~S~%~]~
Current cost info inconsistent with that in effect at compile ~
time. Recompile.~%Compilation order may be incorrect.~]"
......@@ -177,7 +184,8 @@
(primitive-type-name ptype)
(mapcar #'sc-name (listify-restrictions load-scs))
(mapcar #'sc-name (load-lose))
(mapcar #'sc-name (move-lose))
(mapcar #'sc-name (no-move-scs))
......@@ -359,6 +367,45 @@
;;; FIND-MOVE-VOP -- Internal
;;; Find a move VOP to move from the operand OP-TN to some other
;;; representation corresponding to OTHER-SC and OTHER-PTYPE. Slot is the SC
;;; slot that we grab from (move or move-argument). Write-P indicates that OP
;;; is a VOP result, so OP is the move result and other is the arg, otherwise
;;; OP is the arg and other is the result.
;;; If an operand is of primitive type T, then we use the type of the other
;;; operand instead, effectively intersecting the argument and result type
;;; assertions. This way, a move VOP can restrict whichever operand makes more
;;; sense, without worrying about which operand has the type info.
(defun find-move-vop (op-tn write-p other-sc other-ptype slot)
(declare (type tn op-tn) (type sc other-sc)
(type primitive-type other-ptype)
(type function slot))
(let* ((op-sc (tn-sc op-tn))
(op-scn (sc-number op-sc))
(other-scn (sc-number other-sc))
(any-ptype (backend-any-primitive-type *backend*))
(op-ptype (tn-primitive-type op-tn)))
(dolist (info (if write-p
(svref (funcall slot op-sc) other-scn)
(svref (funcall slot other-sc) op-scn))
(when (and (operand-restriction-ok
(first (template-arg-types info))
(if (or write-p (eq op-ptype any-ptype))
other-ptype op-ptype)
:tn op-tn :t-ok nil)
(first (template-result-types info))
(if (or write-p (eq other-ptype any-ptype))
op-ptype other-ptype)
:t-ok nil))
(return info)))))
;;; EMIT-COERCE-VOP -- Internal
;;; Emit a coercion VOP for Op Before the specifed VOP or die trying. SCS
......@@ -381,8 +428,6 @@
(declare (type tn-ref op) (type sc-vector scs) (type (or vop null) before)
(type (or tn null) dest-tn))
(let* ((op-tn (tn-ref-tn op))
(op-sc (tn-sc op-tn))
(op-scn (sc-number op-sc))
(ptype (tn-primitive-type op-tn))
(write-p (tn-ref-write-p op))
(vop (tn-ref-vop op))
......@@ -392,9 +437,7 @@
(let ((i-sc (svref (backend-sc-numbers *backend*) i)))
(when (and (eq (svref scs i) t)
(sc-allowed-by-primitive-type i-sc ptype))
(let ((res (if write-p
(svref (sc-move-vops op-sc) i)
(svref (sc-move-vops i-sc) op-scn))))
(let ((res (find-move-vop op-tn write-p i-sc ptype #'sc-move-vops)))
(when res
(when (>= (vop-info-cost res) *efficency-note-cost-threshold*)
(do-coerce-efficency-note res op dest-tn))
......@@ -403,7 +446,8 @@
((not write-p)
(emit-move-template node block res op-tn temp before))
((null (tn-reads op-tn)))
((and (null (tn-reads op-tn))
(eq (tn-kind op-tn) :normal)))
(emit-move-template node block res temp op-tn before))))
......@@ -470,8 +514,9 @@
(let* ((val-tn (tn-ref-tn val))
(pass-tn (first pass))
(pass-sc (tn-sc pass-tn))
(res (svref (sc-move-arg-vops pass-sc)
(sc-number (tn-sc val-tn)))))
(res (find-move-vop val-tn nil pass-sc
(tn-primitive-type pass-tn)
(unless res
(bad-move-arg-error val-tn pass-tn))
......@@ -506,6 +551,8 @@
;;; Scan the IR2 looking for move operations that need to be replaced with
;;; special-case VOPs and emitting coercion VOPs for operands of normal VOPs.
;;; We delete moves to TNs that are never read at this point, rather than
;;; possibly converting them to some expensive move operation.
(defun emit-moves-and-coercions (block)
(declare (type ir2-block block))
......@@ -520,9 +567,13 @@
(let* ((args (vop-args vop))
(x (tn-ref-tn args))
(y (tn-ref-tn (vop-results vop)))
(res (svref (sc-move-vops (tn-sc y))
(sc-number (tn-sc x)))))
(cond (res
(res (find-move-vop x nil (tn-sc y) (tn-primitive-type y)
(cond ((and (null (tn-reads y))
(eq (tn-kind y) :normal))
(delete-vop vop))
((eq res info))
(when (>= (vop-info-cost res) *efficency-note-cost-threshold*)
(do-coerce-efficency-note res args y))
(emit-move-template node block res x y vop)
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