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Fix #44: Add docstrings for process accessors

Adds docstrings for the exported process accessors:
`process-pid`, `process-exit-code`, `process-core-dumped`,
`process-pty`, `process-input`, `process-output`, `process-error`,
`process-status-hook`, `process-plist`.
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......@@ -75,8 +75,8 @@
;;; PROCESS-STATUS -- Public.
(defun process-status (proc)
"Return the current status of process. The result is one of :running,
:stopped, :exited, :signaled."
"Return the current status of process. The result is one of
:running,:stopped, :continued, :exited, :signaled."
(declare (type process proc))
(process-%status proc))
......@@ -99,6 +99,32 @@
(system:serve-all-events 1))
;;; Add docstrings for the other public PROCESS accessors.
(setf (documentation 'process-pid 'function)
_N"PID of child process.")
(setf (documentation 'process-exit-code 'function)
_N"Exit code for the process if it is :exited; the termination signal
if it is :signaled; 0 if it is :stopped. It is undefined in all
other cases.")
(setf (documentation 'process-core-dumped 'function)
_N"Non-NIL if the process was terminated and a core image was dumped.")
(setf (documentation 'process-pty 'function)
_N"The two-way stream connected to the child's Unix pty connection or NIL.")
(setf (documentation 'process-input 'function)
_N"Stream to child's input or NIL.")
(setf (documentation 'process-output 'function)
_N"Stream from child's output or NIL.")
(setf (documentation 'process-error 'function)
_N"Stream from child's error output or NIL.")
(setf (documentation 'process-status-hook 'function)
_N"The function to be called whenever process's changes status. This
function takes the process as a required argument. This is
(setf (documentation 'process-plist 'function)
_N"Returns annotations supplibed by users; it is setf'able. This is
available for users to associcate information with the process
without having to build a-lists or hash tables of process
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