Commit ee8f462d authored by ram's avatar ram
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Fixed some junk.

parent be268cdf
......@@ -346,13 +346,13 @@
(assert load-sc)
(error "Unable to pack a Load-TN in SC ~S for the ~:R ~
~:[result~;argument~] to~@
the ~S VOP.
the ~S VOP.~@
Perhaps all SC elements already in use by VOP?~:[~;~@
Current cost info inconsistent with that in effect at compile ~
time. Recompile.~%Compilation order may be incorrect.~]"
(sc-name load-sc)
n arg-p
(vop-info-name (vop-info (tn-ref-vop op)))
(sc-name load-sc)
......@@ -780,7 +780,7 @@
(event spill-conditional-arg-tn node)
(setf (block-info new) new-2block)
(setf (first info-args) (block-label new))
(emit-operand-load node new-2block (tn-save-tn victim) victim)
(emit-operand-load node new-2block (tn-save-tn victim) victim nil)
(vop branch node new-2block lab)
(let ((next-lab (block-label (ir2-block-block (ir2-block-next 2block)))))
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