Commit faf5cd6d authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Regenerated after sparc build.

parent 18d68e1a
...@@ -822,6 +822,14 @@ msgstr "Ootay anymay esultray aluesvay omfray c-allcay." ...@@ -822,6 +822,14 @@ msgstr "Ootay anymay esultray aluesvay omfray c-allcay."
msgid "Method ~S not defined for ~S" msgid "Method ~S not defined for ~S"
msgstr "Ethodmay ~S otnay efinedday orfay ~S" msgstr "Ethodmay ~S otnay efinedday orfay ~S"
#: src/compiler/sparc/c-callback.lisp
msgid ""
"Cons up a piece of code which calls call-callback with INDEX and a\n"
"pointer to the arguments."
msgstr ""
"Onscay upway away iecepay ofway odecay ichwhay allscay allcay-allbackcay ithway INDEX andway away\n"
"ointerpay otay ethay argumentsway."
#: src/compiler/sparc/call.lisp #: src/compiler/sparc/call.lisp
msgid "more-arg-context" msgid "more-arg-context"
msgstr "oremay-argway-ontextcay" msgstr "oremay-argway-ontextcay"
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