1. 23 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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  3. 09 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Fix #41: Report proper process status · f05cb10a
      Raymond Toy authored
      The main problem is that we weren't calling wait3 with WCONTINUED so
      that we would be signaled when the process continues.  And we also
      need to check that result of wait call was WCONTINUED>
      Replace the wait3 routine with a C routine (prog_status) so we don't
      have to deal with the OS-specific flags.  This function basically
      returns what the lisp function wait3 did.
      Use this function in GET-PROCESSES-STATUS-CHANGES.
       - runprog.c:
         - Add prog_status
       - run-program.lisp:
         - Use prog_status instead of wait3
       - issues.lisp:
         - Add basic test
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  8. 31 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      Fix compiler warning about else · 3b4f3977
      Raymond Toy authored
      Add braces around the else clause that's indented as if it were part
      of the else clause.  Inspection of the algorithm indicates that this
      is probably the intended code and in this case doesn't change what
      gets executed because the following statements would have been anyway.
      Also verified a few random values that `(asin x)` and `(asin (float x
      1w0))` produce the same values.  Only need to test 2^-27 <= x < 0.5.
  9. 29 Aug, 2017 4 commits
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      Merge branch 'rtoy-fix-40-map-heap-higher' into 'master' · dbf7c0af
      Raymond Toy authored
      Fix #40: Move start of heap space higher
      Closes #40
      See merge request !21
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      Rename to boot-2017-04-1.lisp · aba0bc5c
      Raymond Toy authored
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      Add handler-bind to auto restart · 48f8ebb9
      Raymond Toy authored
      Changing defconstant's signal an error.  Add a handler-bind to restart
      and continue with the changed values.
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      Fix #40: Move start of heap space higher · c40b7a6b
      Raymond Toy authored
      This is a workaround for issue #40.  By moving the start of the heap
      to a higher address, we can still run on older systems (albeit with
      reduced max heap size), and run on newer systesm where the C code is
      now mapped at or overlapping the (old) heap start.  Arbitrarily choose
      0x60000000 as a compromise.
      This also requires moving the foreign linkage start to a different
      address because the old address overlaps the new C area.
      Ideally, we could fix this if we could map the heap wherever the OS
      wants to put it, but we're not there yet.
      Use boot-2017-04.lisp to bootstrap this change from the 2017-04
  10. 27 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      Print more info for dynamic space lossage · 2830e140
      Raymond Toy authored
      If we get dynamic space lossage, print out the actual address and the
      expected addresses for the dynamic space so we can see what happened.
      This is really useful if you change the dynamic space address but
      didn't update everything correctly.
  11. 08 Apr, 2017 1 commit