1. 18 Feb, 1992 5 commits
  2. 17 Feb, 1992 1 commit
  3. 16 Feb, 1992 5 commits
  4. 15 Feb, 1992 20 commits
  5. 14 Feb, 1992 4 commits
  6. 13 Feb, 1992 5 commits
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      Fixed spelling of "efficency" · 6512c242
      wlott authored
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      Changed load to deal with source files having NIL type more reasonably. Added · e5bfa4b8
      ram authored
      support for wild pathnames in load.  Improved handling of nonexistent files, in
      particular, don't always assume that missing files are source files.  Added
      condition restarts for missing files.  Improved formatting of error and warning
      messages.  When *LOAD-VERBOSE* print just the file name if we can get it,
      instead of always printing the stream.
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      Changed pointer< and pointer> to sap< and sap>. · 5db5e4c9
      wlott authored
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      Added a doc string for LOAD. Added ANSI features *LOAD-TRUENAME*, · ea24ca58
      ram authored
      *LOAD-PATHNAME* and *LOAD-PRINT*.  As per ANSI, bind *READTABLE* to itself to
      make assignments file-local.
      Added new variables EXT:*SOURCE-FILE-TYPES* and EXT:*OBJECT-FILE-TYPES*.  When
      no file type is specified, LOAD tries the types in these lists to locate the
      source and object files.  LOAD now recognizes source types "l", "cl" and "lsp"
      in addition to "lisp".
      conditionally depending (via PROGV) on whether they corresponding argument is
      actually specified.  This allows these variables to be altered by load (such as
      of an init file.)
      The compiler OPTIMIZE policy is now bound during load, so proclamations in a
      file don't leave the global policy clobbered when the load is finished.
      Changed the :IF-SOURCE-NEWER option to signal an error and use restarts, rather
      than PROMPT-FOR-Y-OR-N.  Fixed the load source case to actually load the
      source, rather than loading the object as a source file...