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      Update textdomains. · 86b95ac8
      Raymond Toy authored
       * Use cmucl-sparc-vm instead of cmucl-sparc-svr4
       * Use cmucl-ppc-vm instead of cmucl-ppc.
       * code/ppc-vm.lisp should be in the cmucl-ppc textdomain instead of cmucl.
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      Switch the FreeBSD port to use the common floating point trap handling · 9495c516
      cshapiro authored
      code.  Rather than introduce a new FreeBSD case to the x86 sigcontext
      member accessor routines, collapse all of the system specific routines
      down to a common set of routines.
      * code/debug-int.lisp - Disable some Darwin-specific code to debug
        NULL mcontext pointers.
      * code/float-trap.lisp - Remove ancient FreeBSD-specific code for
        handling floating point signals.
      * code/macros.lisp, code/sap.lisp, compiler/saptran.lisp - Include the
        SAP-REF-LONG setter by default on the x86.
      * code/x86-vm.lisp - Remove operating system specific sigcontext
        definitions and sigcontext accessors.  Define the alien sigcontext
        as a system area pointer.  Replace the sigcontext accessors with
        foreign function calls that mask the complexity of the underlying
        sigcontext member access.
      * compiler/x86/float.lisp - Unconditionally define STORE-LONG-FLOAT.
        This function is used by the %SET-SAP-REF-LONG VOP that underlies
        the SAP-REF-LONG setter.
      * compiler/x86/sap.lisp - Unconditionally define %SET-SAP-REF-LONG.
        In the case where there is not a distinct LONG-FLOAT type, admit
        DOUBLE-FLOAT values instead.  The x87 automatically widens values
        pushed onto stack.  This mirrors the behavior of the SAP-REF-LONG
      * lisp/Darwin-os.c, lisp/Linux-os.c - Define functions to access
        sigcontext members of interest to Lisp.  Delete the sc_reg function
        and replace its uses with os_sigcontext_reg which is more suitably
      * lisp/FreeBSD-os.c - Define functions to access sigcontext members of
        interest to Lisp.  We need to be careful about the SSE and non-SSE
        cases for retrieving x87 registers from the saved machine state.
        Define a low-level SIGFPE handler to intercept floating point traps
        and restore the cleared status word bits based on the signal code.
        Get rid of sc_reg for the reasons noted above.
      * lisp/Darwin-os.h, lisp/FreeBSD-os.h - Declare the restore_fpu
        function and define a specialized RESTORE_FPU macro.  Remove the
        sc_reg prototype.
      * lisp/Linux-os.h - Remove the sc_reg prototype.
      * lisp/os.h - Add prototypes for the new os_sigcontext functions.
      * lisp/x86-lispregs.h - Redefine SC_REG and SC_PC to expand out to the
        new os_sigcontext functions.  Redfine SC_SP to expand out to SC_REG.
        Eliminate all platform-specific defintions of SC_PC and SC_SP.
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      Tracing with :encapsulate NIL works on Darwin now. There are some · 7d7c3c3e
      rtoy authored
      issues like why the mcontext slot is 0 in the sigcontext from a
      function end breakpoint.  This works around that problem for now.
      o Add documentation on how arch_do_displaced_inst works.
      o Darwin has the eflags register in the sigcontext so use that to
        enable and disable single-stepping using the eflags slot.  This is
        how Linux works too.  This change makes function start breakpoints
      o In FIND-ESCAPED-FRAME, make sure the mcontext slot is not null (0)
        before we try to grab the cfp slot from it.  This works around an
        issue where the mcontext slot is 0 on Darwin.
      o Make *TRACE-ENCAPSULATE-DEFAULT* be :default again.
  21. 18 Oct, 2007 1 commit
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      Slight reimplemention of how tracing of local functions is done. We · 620750d0
      rtoy authored
      don't do the hackish list-of-name to find local debug function
      anymore.  This change allows us to retrace local functions when the
      function is redefined.
      o Add :LOCAL-NAME keyword parameter to tell us to look for the local
        function within the given FUN.  The bizarre hack using a list as the
        FUN to do this is now gone.
      o Change TRACE-FDEFINITION to return a fourth value if the function is
        a local function.  The fourth value is the name of the local
      o TRACE-1 recognizes the extra value from TRACE-FDEFINITION to
        determine if this is a local function that needs to be traced.
        Also, if DEFINITION is given, we process that carefully so we can
        trace the new definition with a local function.
      o UNTRACE-1 likewise updated to recognize and handle local functions.
      o TRACE-REFINED-UPDATE modified so that when a function is redefined,
        we retrace the function itself if it was traced (as before).  But we
        also look through the traced functions to see if we need to retrace
        the local definitions in this new function.
  22. 02 Oct, 2007 1 commit
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      compiler/locall.lisp · 63ddf98f
      rtoy authored
      o In MAYBE-CONVERT-TAIL-LOCAL-CALL, honor the notinline declaration
        when deciding if we can let convert a tail call.  This is useful for
        tracing of local functions.
      o If we can't find a debug function, print a note that the (local)
        function might have been inlined.
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  24. 28 Mar, 2007 2 commits
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      o Fix typo handling complex-double-double-reg-sc-number case. · 81eabad0
      rtoy authored
      o Fix extra paren for double-double-stack-sc-number case, and don't
        use with-nfp which doesn't exist on x86.
      o Add support for complex-double-double-stack-sc-number, which was
        missing for x86.
    • rtoy's avatar
      o Remove some extraneous (typo) parens for · 139cb256
      rtoy authored
        double-double-stack-sc-number and
      o The complex-double-double-stack-sc-number case was not computed the
        complex double-double correctly.  Fix it.
  25. 27 Mar, 2007 2 commits
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      Fix typo. · 4fdec587
      rtoy authored
    • rtoy's avatar
      o Oops. Offset for second word of a · 0985c235
      rtoy authored
        complex-double-double-reg-sc-number should be 2, not 1.
      o Oops.  Forgot to implement complex-double-double-stack-sc-number.
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      Implement tracing of flet/labels functions. This probably needs more · 45d04c07
      rtoy authored
      work and could probably be implemented better.
      With these changes (trace (labels foo bar)) will trace the labels
      function FOO in the function BAR.  We only support encapsulate nil,
      here.  No check is made for this.
      o In TRACE-FDEFINITION, recognize a list as a valid function, and
        return the list as the value of TRACE-FDEFINITION.  This seems
        wrong, but I'm not sure if there's a real fdefinition for it, or if
        we could create a fake one.
      o In FUNCTION-DEBUG-FUNCTION, recognize a list as the name of a
        function, and find the corresponding compiled-debug-function and
        create and return the new compiled-debug-function.
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      Implement tracing for the known-return convention. This is basically · 46a81e81
      rtoy authored
      Helmut Eller's patch sent to cmucl-imp on 2005-03-08.  This basically
      means tracing recursive functions will show all recursions during the
      trace and not just the final call.
      o Apply Helmut's patch.  Tweak it so when the known-return convention
        is being used, we tell MAKE-BOGUS-LRA that we're using the
        known-return so we can handle it properly.
      o Add an extra parameter to compute_offset so we know we're handling a
        function-end breakpoint or not.  Needed because reg_CODE isn't
        pointing to the bogus lra in this case, so the offsets are all
        wrong.  We compute the right offset for the known return and return
        the offset as negative so we can tell.
      o Adjust all callers of compute_offset.
      o Adjust handle_function_end_breakpoint to handle negative offsets
        from compute_offset so we can get the right code component for the
        bogus lra.
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      typo · e40848aa
      cwang authored
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