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      Remove unused code. · 34ecaeba
      rtoy authored
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      Make ppc port look a little more like sparc by making · 903edb2a
      rtoy authored
      fdefn-raw-addr-slot actually hold a tagged pointer instead of the raw
      address.  Not sure if this is good or not, but making it like sparc
      makes ppc a little easier.
      Might need a cross-compile; the 2005-12-1-ppc cross-compile script
      works fine.
      o Static functions are now tagged, so need to adjust address before
        branching to them.
      o Fill fdefn-raw-addr-slot with the tagged address instead of
        converting to untagged.
      o fdefn-raw-addr-slot is tagged, so need to adjust it before branching
        to function.
      o No need to adjust function address before storing it in the
      o Static functions are tagged, so need to adjust address before
        branching to them.
      o Don't need scav_fdefn, because the fdefn is a tagged object now.
      o Make undefined_tramp and closure_tramp be tagged instead of
      o RAW_ADDR_OFFSET is 0 now, like sparc.
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      Commit of the compiler backend portion of the PPC/Darwin port. · cd45202a
      pmai authored
      This includes various fixes from SBCL and other sources to the PPC backend.
      It also does away with Gary Byers' renumbering of the type tags for
      function and instance pointers, which allowed for a slightly clever and
      presumably faster function calling convention.  These changes have been
      conditionalized out with the PPC-FUN-HACK conditional, so that we might
      revisit the changes in the future.  The current port has only been tested
      without PPC-FUN-HACK, but this might change.
  9. 03 Aug, 2003 1 commit
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      Remove the function definition of FIXNUM, which it must not · 52858943
      gerd authored
      	have according to CLtS.  Found by Paul Dietz.
      	Use boot14.lisp to bootstrap.
      	* src/compiler/generic/utils.lisp (fixnumize): Renamed from
      	* src/bootfiles/18e/boot14.lisp: New file.
      	* src/code/exports.lisp ("VM"): Export fixnumize.
      	* src/assembly/alpha/arith.lisp, src/assembly/alpha/array.lisp:
      	* src/assembly/alpha/assem-rtns.lisp, src/assembly/hppa/arith.lisp
      	* src/assembly/hppa/array.lisp, src/assembly/hppa/assem-rtns.lisp
      	* src/assembly/mips/alloc.lisp, src/assembly/mips/arith.lisp
      	* src/assembly/mips/array.lisp, src/assembly/mips/assem-rtns.lisp
      	* src/assembly/mips/bit-bash.lisp, src/assembly/ppc/arith.lisp
      	* src/assembly/ppc/array.lisp, src/assembly/ppc/assem-rtns.lisp
      	* src/assembly/rt/alloc.lisp, src/assembly/rt/arith.lisp
      	* src/assembly/rt/array.lisp, src/assembly/rt/assem-rtns.lisp
      	* src/assembly/sparc/arith.lisp, src/assembly/sparc/array.lisp
      	* src/assembly/sparc/assem-rtns.lisp, src/assembly/x86/arith.lisp
      	* src/assembly/x86/array.lisp, src/assembly/x86/assem-rtns.lisp
      	* src/compiler/alpha/alloc.lisp, src/compiler/alpha/arith.lisp
      	* src/compiler/alpha/array.lisp, src/compiler/alpha/call.lisp
      	* src/compiler/alpha/move.lisp, src/compiler/alpha/nlx.lisp
      	* src/compiler/alpha/static-fn.lisp, src/compiler/alpha/subprim.lisp
      	* src/compiler/alpha/values.lisp, src/compiler/generic/utils.lisp
      	* src/compiler/hppa/alloc.lisp, src/compiler/hppa/arith.lisp
      	* src/compiler/hppa/array.lisp, src/compiler/hppa/call.lisp
      	* src/compiler/hppa/move.lisp, src/compiler/hppa/nlx.lisp
      	* src/compiler/hppa/static-fn.lisp, src/compiler/hppa/subprim.lisp
      	* src/compiler/hppa/values.lisp, src/compiler/mips/alloc.lisp
      	* src/compiler/mips/arith.lisp, src/compiler/mips/array.lisp
      	* src/compiler/mips/call.lisp, src/compiler/mips/move.lisp
      	* src/compiler/mips/nlx.lisp, src/compiler/mips/static-fn.lisp
      	* src/compiler/mips/subprim.lisp, src/compiler/mips/values.lisp
      	* src/compiler/ppc/alloc.lisp, src/compiler/ppc/arith.lisp
      	* src/compiler/ppc/array.lisp, src/compiler/ppc/call.lisp
      	* src/compiler/ppc/move.lisp, src/compiler/ppc/nlx.lisp
      	* src/compiler/ppc/static-fn.lisp, src/compiler/ppc/subprim.lisp
      	* src/compiler/ppc/values.lisp, src/compiler/rt/alloc.lisp
      	* src/compiler/rt/arith.lisp, src/compiler/rt/array.lisp
      	* src/compiler/rt/call.lisp, src/compiler/rt/move.lisp
      	* src/compiler/rt/nlx.lisp, src/compiler/rt/static-fn.lisp
      	* src/compiler/rt/subprim.lisp, src/compiler/rt/values.lisp
      	* src/compiler/sparc/alloc.lisp, src/compiler/sparc/arith.lisp
      	* src/compiler/sparc/array.lisp, src/compiler/sparc/call.lisp
      	* src/compiler/sparc/move.lisp, src/compiler/sparc/nlx.lisp
      	* src/compiler/sparc/static-fn.lisp, src/compiler/sparc/subprim.lisp
      	* src/compiler/sparc/values.lisp, src/compiler/x86/alloc.lisp
      	* src/compiler/x86/arith.lisp, src/compiler/x86/array.lisp
      	* src/compiler/x86/call.lisp, src/compiler/x86/cell.lisp
      	* src/compiler/x86/macros.lisp, src/compiler/x86/memory.lisp
      	* src/compiler/x86/move.lisp, src/compiler/x86/nlx.lisp
      	* src/compiler/x86/pred.lisp, src/compiler/x86/static-fn.lisp
      	* src/compiler/x86/subprim.lisp, src/compiler/x86/values.lisp:
      	Use fixnumize instead of fixnum.
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