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      DYNAMIC-EXTENT rest args. Currently for x86 only. Speed must be · 88a53c80
      gerd authored
      	greater than safety for stack-allocation to actually happen, which
      	is what ACL defaults to.  Use boot15.lisp to bootstrap.
      	* src/bootfiles/18e/boot15.lisp: New file.
      	* src/compiler/node.lisp (leaf): Add slot dynamic-extent.
      	* src/compiler/x86/macros.lisp (load-size, inline-allocation)
      	(not-inline-allocation): Extract from function allocation.
      	(stack-allocation): New function.
      	(allocation): Add arg dynamic-extent.  Call stack-allocation
      	if dynamic-extent is true, and speed > safety.
      	* src/compiler/x86/call.lisp (listify-rest-args): Add
      	constant third arg, and pass it to allocation.
      	* src/code/class.lisp (find-layout): Put part in
      	* src/compiler/ir1tran.lisp (process-dynamic-extent-declaration):
      	New function.
      	(*suppress-dynamic-extent-declaration*): New variable.
      	(process-1-declaration): Call process-dynamic-extent-declaration.
      	(convert-more-entry) [#+x86]: Call %listify-rest-args with
      	third arg dynamic-extent.
      	* src/compiler/eval-comp.lisp (%listify-rest-args) [#+x86]:
      	* src/compiler/fndb.lisp (%listify-rest-args) [#+x86]: Add
      	third arg for dynamic-extent.
      	Possibly temporary workaround for SBCL build problems caused by a
      	situation like
      	  (defvar *foo*)
      	  (declaim (type foo *foo*))
      	  (defstruct foo)
      	  (defun foo ()
      	    (let ((*foo* (some-unknown-function)))
      	When a type check is being generated for the local binding of
      	*foo*, *foo*'s type in the info database is still an unknown-type.
      	The typep transform generates a call to %instance-typep, because
      	it knows that foo is an instance.  The deftransform for
      	%instance-typep does not run, so an actual call to %instance-typep
      	is being generated.  A function %instance-typep doesn't exist at
      	run time, though.
      	* src/compiler/ir1tran.lisp (find-free-variable): If the
      	variable's type is an unknown-type, reparse it, and change the
      	type in the info database.