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      Add support for source location recording, from Helmut Eller on · f4f6325e
      rtoy authored
          The patch below adds a somewhat general mechanism to the get the
          "current location".  So every macro that wants to record the
          source location, can insert a call to SOURCE-LOCATION in the
          generated code and safe the result in a appropriate place.
          SOURCE-LOCATION is a compiler-macro and returns a quoted struct
          with the source info.
          The patch adds the definition for SOURCE-LOCATION some
          modifications for the defclass, defgeneric and defmethod macros.
          Classes, generic functions and methods have already a "source"
          slot and the result of SOURCE-LOCATION is just stored into that
          slot.  (The source slot contains currently only the *loadpath*,
          which is is not very useful, if the fasl file is in a different
          directory than the source file.)