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      The boxed register reg_FDEFN is r10, but r10 is one of the registers · caf495ce
      rtoy authored
      used in the C calling convention, so it's a bad idea to have reg_FDEFN
      be r10.
      So, make r10 be the new unboxed register reg_NL7 and replace reg_L2
      with reg_FDEFN.  (I was too lazy to renumber all registers, and I
      don't think it matters where reg_FDEFN is.)
      A simple cross-compile is needed.  Use boot-2005-12-1-ppc.lisp for the
      cross-compile script.
      o Make old FDEFN be the new unboxed register NL7.
      o Rename L2 to be FDEFN, removing L2 complete.
      o reg_L2 no longer exists, so don't use it.
      o Make the corresponding changes here that were made in vm.lisp.
      o Simple cross-compile script for this change.