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  2. 18 Aug, 2006 1 commit
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      Add support for weak value, key-and-value, and key-or-value hash · e206ca4a
      rtoy authored
      tables.  Use boot-2006-08-1-cross to cross-compile.  During worldload,
      you'll get a restart.  Choose the CLOBBER-IT restart.
      o Cross-compile script to mark that a cross-compile is needed.
        Nothing fancy, just load up the example scripts.
      o Update the allowed values for the weak-p slot of a hash table.
      o Change hash table printer to print out the test and weak style.
      o Update MAKE-HASH-TABLE to allow other values for :weak-p keyword arg
        and set the weak-p slot appropriately.
      o Produce an error if a weak key, key-and-value, or key-or-value table
        is created but the test is not EQ or EQL.
      o Add :KEY, :VALUE, :KEY-AND-VALUE, and :KEY-OR-VALUE symbols to the
        static symbols because C code needs them.
      o Add necessary support to handle the new hash types.