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      This set of changes removes the constraint of the READ-ONLY space · 5568e737
      rtoy authored
      having to be in low memory.  This is done be replacing the absolute
      branch instructions with equivalents that can branch anywhere.  This
      adds a few extra instructions everywhere.  Oh well.
      We also move the READ-ONLY space to a different location so we don't
      need the linker hacks and the darwinadjuster hacks.
      A basic cross-compile is necessary.  Use boot-2006-11-1-cross-ppc.lisp
      for this.
      o Replace BA instruction with BCTR.
      o Replace BLA instruction with BCTRL.
      o Replace BA instruction with BCTR.
      o Move the read-only space to #x04000000 instead of #x01000000.  (This
        address appears to be free.)
      o Comment out the linker flags for the CMUCLRO space.
      o Don't run the darwin-lispadjuster program.  (We still build
        darwin-lispadjuster for now, but that should be removed eventually.)