1. 04 Nov, 2011 1 commit
  2. 14 Nov, 2007 2 commits
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      boot-1007-11-14-1.lisp: · e86597ac
      rtoy authored
      o Add comments that we need to cross-compile on x86.
      o Load up boot-2007-11-1 for the x86 cross-compile to get rid of a
      o Load up the default cross-x86-x86 script.
      o Remove FLOAT-ACCURACY.  It is now gone.
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      * Change the way the x87 precision control is managed. While in Lisp, · 1440af76
      cshapiro authored
        the precision control will always be set to double precision.  For
        the duration of calls into C, the precision control will be set to
        the ABI default.  On Linux and Darwin this is double extended
        precision.  On all other platforms the precision control is left as
        double precision.  The specious FLOAT-ACCURACY declaration has been
      * Shorten the precision control field to 24-bits by disposing of the
        unexamined high order eight bits of the status word.  This compacts
        the code generated around floating point mode changes and reduces
      * Eliminate unnecessary uses of FLDENV and FSTENV.  We can substitute a
        use of FSTENV with FSTSW in FLOATING-POINT-MODES.  This reduces the
        number of cycles to access the relevant mode bits by a factor of
        thirty.  We cannot eliminate FLDENV in SET-FLOATING-POINT-MODES, but
        the common case does not require an update to the status word.  A
        fast path has been added to the VOP that improves the execution time
        by at least a factor of fifteen.
      * Remove the precision control option to SET-FLOATING-POINT-MODES.  It
        is the responsibility of the compiler to generating code that yields
        correctly rounded results in double and single precision.