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  3. 23 May, 2008 1 commit
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      o Add OLD-VM as nickname. · 766ad7a3
      rtoy authored
      o Add hack for fused-multiply-add and fused-multiply-subtract.  Not
        sure why this is needed, but without it, we can't cross-compile on
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      o Change :cmu19a to :cmu19c · 6d2d0b3b
      rtoy authored
      o Hack to make move-double-to-int-arg available in OLD-PPC and PPC
        packages.   (Don't know why this is needed but it was.)
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      · bf84be07
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      On x86 FreeBSD and Linux, change the way foreign symbol addresses are resolved.
      They now go through a table -- effectively a new space in the core file.
      Function references are resolved lazily, data references are resolved on startup
      and when a .so is loaded.  The end result is that cores can be dumped that
      contain references to symbols in shared libraries.  Also, the dependence of the core on addresses in the Lisp runtime is broken.
      The linkage table feature is controlled by :linkage-table and LINKAGE_TABLE in C
      runtime.  Several foreign symbols are now Lisp static symbols, so a cross
      compile is required whether or not the new stuff is used.  I've checked in
      boot4-cross-foreign-linkage.lisp that builds the compiler for linkage table; do whatever you usually do for the non-linkage table case:)  Seriously, lets start
      a discussion on standardizing "cross compilation," not to mention the general
      build procedure.