1. 09 Jan, 2009 1 commit
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  4. 05 Jan, 2009 1 commit
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      Fix for handling arithmetic errors with x87. · 9edd3c4b
      rtoy authored
      Use bootstrap-2009-01-1.lisp to bootstrap this change.
      o FLOATING-POINT-MODES for :X87 needs to massage the results into the
        expected format (SSE2 MXCSR order).
      o Update for changed VOP names too.
      o Rename the floating-point-modes and set-floating-point-modes VOPS to
        x87-floating-point-modes and set-x87-floating-point-modes.  Change
        the translations accordingly too.
      o The float property bytes have been updated to match the SSE2 MXCSR
        register for both SSE2 and X87 builds because the code assumes SSE2
      o Don't OR in the SSE2 modes if we're not running an SSE2 build.
        Doing this can erroneously mask out exceptions because the Lisp code
        didn't set up the sse2 modes.  (This happens if you select the x87
        core on a chip that supports sse2.)
      o Declare fpu_mode.
      o Set fpu_mode to be the mode determined from the core file.  Needed
        in Linux-os.c to process the SSE2 modes correctly with an x87 core
        on a sse2-capable chip.
  5. 31 Dec, 2008 2 commits
  6. 30 Dec, 2008 3 commits
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      o Fix typo in defknown result type for %COMPLEX-DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT. · 06b67a0f
      rtoy authored
      o Use ETYPECASE instead of TYPECASE when defining %COMPLEX-foo-FLOAT.
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      More cleanups: · f7fb749f
      rtoy authored
      o Remove stale symbol *CHAR.
      o Forgot to move SOCKET-ERROR to internet section
      o Move *CLX-FDS-TO-DISPLAYS* to CLX section.
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      More EXTENSIONS symbols rearrangement. · d134c888
      rtoy authored
      o Remove stale symbols: *MAX-OLD-TRACE-INDENTATION*,
      o Add section for command line parsing symbols.
      o Add section for Hemlock symbols.
      o Add section for CLX extensions
      o Finish the section for internet.lisp symbols.
  7. 29 Dec, 2008 4 commits
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      No functional changes; just group some of the symbols in EXT together · f5aa843d
      rtoy authored
      in some logical groups instead spread all over.
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      Add -I and -M options: · 3dcb8151
      rtoy authored
      -I) Install CMUCL directly to the given directory, instead of creating
          a tarball
      -M) Specify which subdirectory the manpages should go.  Default is
      o Recognize and handle -I and -M.
      o Recognize and handle -I.
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      o Clean up min OSX version stuff. · b48ae430
      rtoy authored
      o 10.2.8 is not recognized as a valid min version.  Use 10.2.
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      Support building and running on OSX 10.4 (Tiger). · c2e1d8a6
      rtoy authored
      o Add -mmacosx-version-min=10.4 so the C code can run on Tiger.
      o The mcontext slot names have a prefix of "__" on 10.5, but have no
        prefix on 10.4.  Add #define's to make the source code work on either.
  8. 27 Dec, 2008 3 commits
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      Replace $TIMER with time, everywhere. · 49329301
      rtoy authored
      Requested by Stelian Ionescu to support Gentoo.  Some Gentoo systems
      don't have /usr/bin/time.  (What kind of Unix system doesn't have
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      Clean up Config, like in linux_gencgc, removing LINKAGE, GENCGC, and · 45885699
      rtoy authored
      SSE2 flags, and adding them to RUNTIME.
    • rtoy's avatar
      Apply patch from Stelian Ionescu on cmucl-imp, 2008/12/24 to allow · 03cd24a9
      rtoy authored
      custom CFLAGS, CC, and LDFLAGS.  Slightly modified to move -m32 from
      CC to RUNTIME.
      Cleaned some other items for Linux.
      o Define CC only if not already defined.
      o Remove -m32 flag from CC and put it in RUNTIME.
      o Incrementally add to RUNTIME, removing the LINKAGE, GENCGC, and SSE2
      o Add -m32 flag to OS_LINK_FLAGS
      o Define CC only if not already defined.  (Do this after loading
      o Allow custom LDFLAGS and CFLAGS when building the motif server.
  9. 24 Dec, 2008 1 commit
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  11. 22 Dec, 2008 4 commits
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      Oops. Need to move %DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT from compiler/float-tran.lisp · a45f0d42
      rtoy authored
      to code/float.lisp because we need this early in the build process to
      handle float types.
      This might cuase problems with bootstrapping double-double floats!
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      INNER-COERCE-REAL-BOUND needs to coerce to DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT, when · 9c80670d
      rtoy authored
      available.  Without this, we get things like
      (c::specifier-type '(real 1d0 100/9)) ->
      #<UNION-TYPE (OR (SINGLE-FLOAT 1.0 11.111111)
                       (DOUBLE-FLOAT 1.0d0 11.11111111111111d0)
                       (DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT 1.0w0
                       (RATIONAL 1 100/9))>
      instead of
      #<UNION-TYPE (OR (SINGLE-FLOAT 1.0 11.111111)
                       (DOUBLE-FLOAT 1.0d0 11.11111111111111d0)
                       (DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT 1.0w0
                       (RATIONAL 1 100/9))>
      The bound for double-double-float is not quite correct in the former
      result, and is correct in the latter.
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      Update for x87 fallback case. · 8e9dc0df
      rtoy authored
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      Make the x87 core the fallback if the chip supports SSE2, but we can't · a873a824
      rtoy authored
      find the SSE2 core.  This fallback only happens if the fpu type is
      AUTO.  If not, then no fallback is done.
      Some cleanup of the code also done by moving the code for locating the
      core into its own routine.
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