1. 24 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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      Make CL:DISASSEMBLE conforming. Also update some of the · ddfb0372
      Raymond Toy authored
      implementation details of DISASSEM:DISASSEMBLE.
       * Update packages so CL:DISASSEMBLE is not DISASSEM:DISASSEMBLE.
       * Define CL:DISASSEMBLE.
       * Update defknow for disassemble.
       * Print of source codes uses standard I/O syntax instead of
         inheriting from the environment.
       * Add new keyword arguments to DISASSEM:DISASSEMBLE for the base,
         case, and radix.  These default to 16, :downcase, and
         *print-radix*, respectively.  This means disassembly now prints out
         all numbers in base 16 and is in lowercase.
       * When printing a note for an assembler routine, we don't need to
         print the (hex) address if *print-base* is 16.
       * Fix some issues when in print-mem-access.
         * Sometimes the absolute value of the value was printed instead of
           the value (displaying the wrong value).
         * Print out the value as an unsigned in some cases instead of
           signed value.
       * Fix print-label to print addresses as unsigned integers.  This
         fixes the issue where things like call #x-4xxxxxxx were printed.
       * Update because of new or changed docstrings.
  2. 22 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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      Allow disasembler to work for any value of *print-base*. · 0331b892
      Raymond Toy authored
      With these changes, you can bind *print-base* to 16 and *print-case*
      to :downcase to get correctly printed disassembly in lower case with
      all numerical values in hex.  If you want the radix marker as well,
      bind *print-radix* to T; the disassembly is still correct.
      o When printing out the source code, bind *print-base* to 10 so that
        the code is printed "naturally".
      o Use Carl's much cleaned-up print-mem-access
      o Update print-imm-data to use princ for all values, removing the
        special casing for NIL
      o When printing out xmm registers, honor *print-case*.
      o Update
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  9. 05 Jul, 2013 1 commit
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      Make NOT-MORE-CONTAGIOUS support member and union types. · f36a31aa
      Raymond Toy authored
      This change allow cmucl to fold identity operations as in
      (defun foo (x)
        (declare (float x))
        (* x 1))
      Previously, cmucl wouldn't change (* x 1) to just x. because the
      declaration of x is represented internally as a union type.
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  16. 25 May, 2013 2 commits
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      Remove all the extensions to string-upcase and friends. The extended · 49f041ad
      Raymond Toy authored
      functions now live in the new UNICODE package.
       * Export some unicode functions and constants.
       * Removed the extended versions of string-upcase and friends.
       * Export surrogates function.
       * Make sure with-one-string is defined so the unicode package can use
       * New file with extended versions of string-upcase and friends.
       * Export some unicode functions and constants.
       * Update defknowns for string-upcase and friends.
       * Build unicode.lisp
       * Load unicode.lisp
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      Fix typo. · 9d66b258
      Raymond Toy authored
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  19. 19 May, 2013 2 commits
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      Update. · 59c50055
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      Fix ticket:81 and fix ticket:83. · 78cce51d
      Raymond Toy authored
      From ticket 81, the tests are now:
      (time (prog1 t (time-rev *s*)))
      ; Evaluation took:
      ;   0.49 seconds of real time
      ;   0.481813 seconds of user run time
      ;   0.003624 seconds of system run time
      ;   1,490,776,936 CPU cycles
      ;   [Run times include 0.13 seconds GC run time]
      ;   0 page faults and
      ;   200,073,704 bytes consed.
      (time (prog1 t (time-rev *s2*)))
      ; Evaluation took:
      ;   0.97 seconds of real time
      ;   0.965893 seconds of user run time
      ;   0.005139 seconds of system run time
      ;   2,980,415,911 CPU cycles
      ;   [Run times include 0.23 seconds GC run time]
      ;   0 page faults and
      ;   400,005,560 bytes consed.
      So the new string-reverse* is 20 times faster for strings without
      surrogates and 10 times faster for strings containing only surrogates.
  20. 17 May, 2013 1 commit
  21. 15 May, 2013 3 commits
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      Wrap exports in eval-when for x86 as was done for sparc and add · 7889e989
      Raymond Toy authored
      CHAR-BYTES to x86-x86 cross-compile script.
      Only the change for CHAR-BYTES is needed for cross-compiling from x86
      to x86, but I think the other changes will be needed if you do a
      cross-compile from some other arch to x86.
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      Wrap exports in eval-when for ppc as was done for sparc and add · e5a2fa14
      Raymond Toy authored
      CHAR-BYTES to ppc cross-compile script.
      This is untested.
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      Wrap exports in eval-when. · ba06f21f
      Raymond Toy authored
        When export lost its compile-time effects and became a normal
        function, the exports in many files no longer took affect while
        compiling the file.  This change makes the compile-time effects
        happen as before in selected files. With this change, the sparc port
        can be cross-compiled from x86 again.
        Need to frob CHAR-BYTES, which is needed by BYTE-BASH-COPY. .
  22. 05 May, 2013 2 commits
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      Clean up CC · 32d261e4
      Raymond Toy authored
       * GNUmakefile
       * Config.solaris_sunc
         * Remove assignment of CC, letting it default.
       * Config.solaris
         * Force CC = gcc in case cc is Sun C
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      Make the C stack not executable · f4cea372
      Raymond Toy authored
       * Config.sparc_common
         * OS_LINK_FLAGS is not common, so remove it.
       * Config.sparc_gcc
       * Config.sparc_sunc
         * Set OS_LINK_FLAGS appropriately.