1. 04 Apr, 1991 7 commits
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      Added support the the ANSI *COMPILE-VERBOSE*, *COMPILE-PRINT*, · f410d116
      ram authored
      The old *COMPILE-VERBOSE* has been renamed to *COMPILE-PROGRESS* and
      exported from EXTENSIONS.
      Many fixes and improvements of block compilation.  It is now possible
      to block compile only part of a file using the START-BLOCK and END-BLOCK
      declarations.  Also, you can designate which functions are entry points
      to the component.  Non-entry-point functions can be optimized like
      lexical functions, since they can't get new references.
      Changed CLEAR-IR1-INFO to not muck with the *FREE-xxx*, since we always
      call CLEAR-STUFF right afterward.
      Made LOCALLY be recognized by PROCESS-FORM so that subforms can be compiled
      Split up PROCESS-FORM a bit.
      Changed COMPILE-TOP-LEVEL to call CLEAR-STUFF, since it was being called
      in all the same places.
      Added :ENTRY-POINTS keywords.  Documented :BLOCK-COMPILE.
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      Added a new assertion in DELETE-COMPONENT. · 41f22ea7
      ram authored
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      Removed deleting of never-used functions from here, since this is too · 7a41cfed
      ram authored
      early during block compilation.
      Changed let conversion to join components when the function is in a 
      different component.
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      When deleting blocks in FIND-DFO, set DELETE-P first. · 22efecbd
      ram authored
      Made JOIN-COMPONENTS and interface so that let conversion can call it.
      In DFO-WALK-CALL-GRAPH, remove the function from the old component lambdas.
      Moved DELETE-COMPONENT-BLOCKS into ir1util, renamed it, and made it delete
      any redisual lambdas.
      Wheh finding top-level components, only consider a component top-level if
      the top-level lambdas is the only lambda in it.
      In FIND-INITIAL-DFO, only delete initial components.  One of the TLL's could
      have been moved into a non-top-level component.
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      Changed CAL to default r3 to r2 whenever only one register is supplied. · 310e0af5
      chiles authored
      This is more useful (and fixes possible bugs) than defaulting the r3
      to the constant zero.
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      Fixed misuses of CAL where I supplied only one register but needed to supply · 6fbe9d32
      chiles authored
       that register twice.
    • chiles's avatar
      Fixed misuses of CAL where I supplied only one register but needed to supply · d6c89fbd
      chiles authored
      that register twice.
  2. 03 Apr, 1991 2 commits
  3. 02 Apr, 1991 1 commit
  4. 01 Apr, 1991 5 commits
  5. 31 Mar, 1991 2 commits
  6. 27 Mar, 1991 2 commits
  7. 25 Mar, 1991 2 commits
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      Modified EXT:OPEN-CLX-DISPLAY to set XLIB:DISPLAY-DEFAULT-SCREEN to the · f9f611c8
      chiles authored
      screen specified by the user before returning the display.
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      Spiffed up FAILED-TO-PACK-LOAD-TN-ERROR to print out how each possible location · 2f2d4341
      ram authored
      is already in use by the VOP.
      Changed LOAD-TN-OFFSET-CONFLICTS-IN-SB to not look at the live-TNs, since this
      is unrelated to the TN-REF scanning.
      Added new IGNORE-LIVE argument to LOAD-TN-CONFLICTS-IN-SC so that we can also
      use this function to tell what TNs are possibly spillable.
      Changed SPILL-AND-PACK-LOAD-TN to use LOAD-TN-CONFLICTS-IN-SC to determine
      which TNs are spillable, allowing the same TN to be used for both an argument
      and a result load-TN.
      Also, fixed spilling to deal with multi-location load-tns.
  8. 24 Mar, 1991 3 commits
  9. 23 Mar, 1991 4 commits
  10. 22 Mar, 1991 7 commits
  11. 21 Mar, 1991 2 commits
  12. 20 Mar, 1991 3 commits