Commit 0ec4800f authored by ram's avatar ram

More changes

parent 9139f087
1/17/92 to 1/26/91
1/26/92 to 2/3/92
Fixed filename parsing to correctly handle "/foo".
Changed NCONC to signal an error if a non-null ATOM appears other than as the
last argument.
Fixed PPRINT to call OUT-SYNONYM-OF on it's stream argument so that it will
actually work for the ``streams'' T and NIL.
Fixed profile to work again now that argument information may be omitted (due
to low debug info.) First of all, don't seg-fault on functions w/o arg info;
print a warning instead, and assume arbitrary args. Also, determine the
precise arg counts for closures and funcallable instances (generic functions.)
Fixed some DIRED bugs resulting from the new pathname changes.
[Sparc:] Fixed integer comparison VOPs to be appropriately prioritized by cost.
In %DEFTRANSFORM, when determining wither to replace a transform or add a new
one, check that it has the same note as well as the same type. This provides a
way to have more than one transform with the same type signature.
Fixed (- x) to expand directly to (%negate x), rather than going by the
intermediate of (- 0 x), since this is not a correct transformation. (- 0 0.0)
is 0.0, not -0.0. Fixed the (- 0 x) transform to be restricted to rational
Changed COMMUTATIVE-ARG-SWAP to actually splice in the constant arg, so that
variable substitution can't swap it back again.
Fixed multiply recoding to include many TRULY-THE's in the expansion so that
the resulting shift-and-add code would actually open coded.
Added comprehensive handling of arithmetic and logical identities when an arg
is -1, 0 or +1.
1/17/92 to 1/26/92
Fixed the multi-dim array printer to use aref on the data vector instead
of svref, because despite being simple and being a vector, it's not a
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