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ASDF 3.3.2

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<a name="Top"></a>
<a name="ASDF_003a-Another-System-Definition-Facility"></a>
<h1 class="top">ASDF: Another System Definition Facility</h1>
<p>Manual for Version 3.3.1
<p>Manual for Version 3.3.2
<p>This manual describes ASDF, a system definition facility
......@@ -6047,9 +6047,10 @@ see the <samp>TODO</samp> file in the source repository.
Available in updated-for-CL form on the web at
<a href=""></a>
</li><li> Dan Weinreb and David Moon:
&ldquo;Lisp Machine Manual&rdquo;, MIT, 1981.
&ldquo;Lisp Machine Manual&rdquo;, 3rd Edition MIT, March 1981.
The famous CHINE NUAL describes one of the earliest variants of DEFSYSTEM.
<a href=""></a>
(NB: Not present in the second preliminary version of January 1979)
<a href=""></a>
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ public domain.
## New in this release:
* Known issues:
* Feature enhancements
* Update to ASDF 3.3.1, fixing issues introduced in 3.3.0
* Update to ASDF 3.3.2
* Changes
* x86 and sparc have replaced the MT19937 RNG with xoroshiro128+ RNG.
* The required state for this generator is just 4 32-bit words instead of the 600+ for MT19937.
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