Commit 2ade088e authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Some cleanup of the trig code.

 * code/exports.lisp:
   * Export %ieee754-rem-pi/2 and %sincos.
 * code/irrat.lisp:
   * Remove some conditionalization that is always true now.
 * compiler/float-tran.lisp:
   * %sincos is exported so we don't need the package qualifier.
parent 06ca7d32
......@@ -2342,7 +2342,10 @@
......@@ -64,19 +64,11 @@
;;; Please refer to the Unix man pages for details about these routines.
;;; Trigonometric.
#-(and x86 (not sse2))
;; For x86 (without sse2), we can use x87 instructions to implement
;; these. With sse2, we don't currently support that, so these
;; should be disabled.
;; (def-math-rtn "sin" 1)
;; (def-math-rtn "cos" 1)
;; (def-math-rtn "tan" 1)
(def-math-rtn ("fdlibm_sin" %sin) 1)
(def-math-rtn ("fdlibm_cos" %cos) 1)
(def-math-rtn ("fdlibm_tan" %tan) 1)
(def-math-rtn "atan" 1)
(def-math-rtn "atan2" 2))
(def-math-rtn ("fdlibm_sin" %sin) 1)
(def-math-rtn ("fdlibm_cos" %cos) 1)
(def-math-rtn ("fdlibm_tan" %tan) 1)
(def-math-rtn "atan" 1)
(def-math-rtn "atan2" 2)
(def-math-rtn "asin" 1)
(def-math-rtn "acos" 1)
(def-math-rtn "sinh" 1)
......@@ -87,19 +79,15 @@
(def-math-rtn "atanh" 1)
;;; Exponential and Logarithmic.
#-(and x86 (not sse2))
(def-math-rtn "exp" 1)
(def-math-rtn "log" 1)
(def-math-rtn "log10" 1))
(def-math-rtn "exp" 1)
(def-math-rtn "log" 1)
(def-math-rtn "log10" 1)
(def-math-rtn "pow" 2)
#-(or x86 sparc-v7 sparc-v8 sparc-v9)
(def-math-rtn "sqrt" 1)
(def-math-rtn "hypot" 2)
;; Don't want log1p to use the x87 instruction.
#-(or hpux (and x86 (not sse2)))
(def-math-rtn "log1p" 1)
;; These are needed for use by byte-compiled files. But don't use
......@@ -199,6 +187,7 @@
;; easier for the user, and we don't have to wrap calls with
;; without-gcing.
(declaim (inline %ieee754-rem-pi/2))
(export '%ieee754-rem-pi/2)
(alien:def-alien-routine ("ieee754_rem_pio2" %ieee754-rem-pi/2) c-call:int
(x double-float)
(y0 double-float :out)
......@@ -211,6 +200,7 @@
(c double-float :out))
(declaim (inline %sincos))
(export '%sincos)
(defun %sincos (x)
(declare (double-float x))
(multiple-value-bind (ign s c)
......@@ -734,19 +734,19 @@
(deftransform name ((x) '(double-float) rtype :eval-name t :when :both)
`(,prim x))))
(defknown (kernel::%sincos)
(defknown (%sincos)
(double-float) (values double-float double-float)
(movable foldable flushable))
(deftransform cis ((x) (single-float) * :when :both)
`(multiple-value-bind (s c)
(kernel::%sincos (coerce x 'double-float))
(%sincos (coerce x 'double-float))
(complex (coerce c 'single-float)
(coerce s 'single-float))))
(deftransform cis ((x) (double-float) * :when :both)
`(multiple-value-bind (s c)
(kernel::%sincos x)
(%sincos x)
(complex c s)))
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