Commit 6c18cc63 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Compile clx files in the same order as in clx.asd

Ran contrib-demos as a test of clx and everything appears to work
parent 48bc44d6
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......@@ -75,9 +75,15 @@
(comf "target:clx/extensions/glx" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/gl" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/dpms" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/xtest" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/screensaver" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/randr" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/xinerama" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/xtest" :load t))
(comf "target:clx/extensions/dbe" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/xc-misc" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/dri2" :load t)
(comf "target:clx/extensions/composite" :load t)
(comf "target:code/clx-ext")
(comf "target:hemlock/charmacs" :load t)
(comf "target:hemlock/key-event" :load t)
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