Commit 73b74259 authored by wlott's avatar wlott

4/30/92 to 5/17/92

parent 6820d4c3
4/30/92 to 5/17/92
Inline expand %MAKE-ALIEN and FREE-ALIEN to avoid spurious Alien-value consing.
Changed DESCRIBE to allow T or NIL as the stream argument.
Rewrote most of the hash table support:
- MAKE-HASH-TABLE now conforms to the ANSI spec.
- EQL hash tables now work with complex numbers, and better in general.
- HASH-TABLE-mumble accessors now exist.
Changed several uses of DEFINE-CONDITION to use the new syntax.
Removed several extra )'s
Changed several setfs of arguments that were inhibiting the compiler from
using all the argument type information available for list and sequence
Changed IN-PACKAGE to conform to the new definition. But if you use an
old-style IN-PACKAGE, it will use the old behavior.
Rewrote DEFPACKAGE to tell you about inconsistencies between the package
and the DEFPACKAGE form.
Rewrote the DO-mumble-SYMBOLS iterators in order to stamp out more uses of
prog. They now wrap the user body in an flet and then just use regular
looping constructs to grovel through the packages.
Several fixes to the new TRACE:
- Fixed to actually allow tracing anonymous function objects.
- Changed to allow tracing of macros.
- When tracing an already traced function, untrace and retrace it, instead
of ignoring the second request.
- Moved the undefined error for UNTRACE to the UNTRACE-1 subfunction,
instead of signalling it at macroexpand time.
- In TRACE-1, added an assertion that there isn't already an entry in the
trace breakpoint table, since sometimes we seem to be forgetting about
Several internal changes in preperation for supporting the x86.
READ-BITMAP-FILE modified to decrement the indexed property :x-hot only if
non-nil and positive. If already negative, it is left unchanged to indicate
that the bitmap has no hotspot.
4/7/92 to 4/30/92
**** FASL files have been incompatibly changed in this release. You must
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