Commit 97aa7334 authored by wlott's avatar wlott

Initial revision

parent 3d8da0d5
;;; -*- Mode: Text, Spell, Fill -*-
;;;; Randomness
The results of (machine-type) are not machine-type specific.
;;;; Debugger
The debugger ``h'' command requires two returns before it will display any
The debugger ``f'' command does not force-output the ``frame:'' prompt.
;;;; Garbage Collector
GC doesn't fix the LIP correctly if it is a raw function address and nobody
else has a handle on the real function object. (This can happen during
call.) GC needs to check to see if any of the descriptor objects are a
symbol with the same value as the LIP for the raw-function address.
When GC is trying to find the descriptor object the LIP points into, it
should verify that the LIP points before the end, not just after the start.
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