Commit bec6e707 authored by wlott's avatar wlott

3/23/92 to 3/29/92

parent d6eeece3
3/23/92 to 3/29/92
Adjust-array has been updated to be ANSI compliant by allowing arrays which
were not created with :adjustable non-nil to be adjusted to new dimensions.
Adjustable-array-p has been updated to ANSI standards. It returns T if adjust
ADJUST-ARRAY would return an EQ array.
Fixed DESCRIBE of alien variables.
Fixed EVAL of alien variables. We just hand it off to the real
Fixed DEFINE-CONDITION to clean up the slot description before handing it
to defstruct now that defstruct is less forgiving.
Added EXT:BYTES-CONSED-BETWEEN-GCS, a function that returns (and sets when
used with setf) *BYTES-CONSED-BETWEEN-GCS*. Additionally, it changes
*GC-TRIGGER* immediately to reflect the new values of *bytes-consed...*.
Added GC-INIT to facilitate making sure set-auto-gc-trigger.
Changed ROOM-MINIMAL-INFO to print everything that doesn't use
map-allocated-objects and also to indicate whether or not the garbage
collector is currenty on or off.
Changed PURIFY to bind *INTERNAL-GC* and then invoke the garbage collector
so all the auxiliary stuff (hooks, etc.) gets handled correctly.
Removed the :ENABLE-GC option from SAVE-LISP, as it's no longer needed.
Rewrote the way pseudo-atomic works for the SPARCs. Hence, all sparc fasl
files will have to be recompiled. An error will be signaled if you try to
load an old fasl file. [SPARC only]
Fixed {alloc,dealloc}-number-stack-space to work with large amounts.
Changed CONVERT-AND-MAYBE-COMPILE to temporarily increate *bytes-consed-
between-gcs* by a factor of 4 instead of turning off all garbage
Rewrote the ub-32 logcount vop. The new version uses an O(log2 32) algo.
resulting in 30 cycles (no branches). The old version used an O(n) algo.
where n was the integer-length of the argument, resulting in somewhere
between 4 and 130 cycles. [MIPS only]
3/7/92 to 3/23/92
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