Commit ca25052b authored by ram's avatar ram

.../systems-work/clx/input.lisp, 25-May-90 15:08:42, Edit by Chiles.
  Modified EVENT-LISTEN according to Chris Lindblad's patch to make it
  correctly count how many events are pending when called from within
  an EVENT-CASE branch.
parent 697c0f16
......@@ -625,7 +625,17 @@
(let* ((current-event-symbol (car (display-current-event-symbol display)))
(current-event (and (boundp current-event-symbol)
(symbol-value current-event-symbol)))
(queue (or current-event (display-event-queue-head display))))
;; #+CMU Change how we bind queue here:
;; Old line:
;; (queue (or current-event (display-event-queue-head display))))
;; New binding causes this routine to correctly count pending events
;; when called from within an EVENT-CASE branch. This previously
;; was counting one more than it should, but calling EVENT-CASE
;; recursively would wedge waiting for an event because that one
;; event really wasn't available for handling.
(queue (if current-event
(reply-next (the reply-buffer current-event))
(display-event-queue-head display))))
(declare (type symbol current-event-symbol)
(type (or null reply-buffer) current-event queue))
(if queue
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