Commit d4a3f304 authored by wlott's avatar wlott

10/9/92 to 10/21/92 and 9/29/92 to 10/9/92.

parent 8125c6cd
2/25/92 to 9/29/92
10/9/92 to 10/21/92:
Changed %MORE-ARG-CONTEXT to be a :translate instead of a def-source-
transform to get rid of one more use of %primitive.
Changed MOVE-FROM-mumble-FLOAT to do the st[d]f after the pseudo-atomic so
that if we take a trap, we won't try to handle it while pseudo-atomic is
active. [Sparc only]
Removed definitions for primitive types random and interior because they
arn't needed anymore.
Couple patches from Miles to make the disassembler work better when
disassembling into a trace file during a compile-file.
C Runtime Support:
When we get a trap_PendingInterrupt, skip over the breakpoint instruction.
Otherwise, we will try to handle the signal again and again.
When done fixing up after a pseudo-atomic-interrupted, skip past the
tagged-add instruction. Otherwise, we turn pseudo-atomic off twice, which
results in it being left on, which confuses the garbage collector. [Sparc
9/29/92 to 10/9/92
Added arch specific routine SANCTIFY-FOR-EXECUTION that is suppowed to do
whatever cache magic is necessary to make it so we can execute newly
created code objects, and changed load and in-core compile to call it.
[This is needed for the HP port.]
9/25/92 to 9/29/92
Compiler fix to inline expansion of functions in non-null environments.
Recompiled CLX with this fix so that it works again.
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