Commit e6b95b82 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Add simple test

parent 90d8b4b5
;;; Tests for the bignum operations
(defpackage :bignum-tests
(:use :cl :lisp-unit))
(in-package #:bignum-tests)
(define-test hd-mult
"Test bignum multiplier"
(:tag :bignum-tests)
(let ((rng (kernel::make-random-object :state (kernel:init-random-state)
:rand 0
:cached-p nil))
(range (ash 1 128)))
(flet ((gen-bignum (x sign)
(do ((r (random x rng) (random x rng)))
((typep r 'bignum)
(if (zerop sign)
(- r))))))
(dotimes (k 100)
(let* ((r1 (gen-bignum range (random 2 rng)))
(r2 (gen-bignum range (random 2 rng)))
(prod-knuth (bignum::classical-multiply-bignums r1 r2))
(prod-hd (bignum::classical-multiply-bignum-hd r1 r2)))
(assert-equal prod-knuth prod-hd r1 r2))))))
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