Commit c9110a0e authored by Marco Antoniotti's avatar Marco Antoniotti 💬

Added COMMON-MATH-USER package.

parent 4fb59edb
;;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; common-math-user-package.lisp
;;;; See file COPYING in the main folder for licensing information.
(:documentation "The Common Math User Common Lisp Package.
A 'user' package that can be used as a sandbox (sort of).
(:shadowing-import-from "COMMON-MATH"
"=" "+" "-" "*" "/" ">" "<" ">=" "<=" "/=")
(:shadowing-import-from "COMMON-MATH"
(:shadowing-import-from "COMMON-MATH"
;;;; end of file -- common-math-user-package.lisp
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