Commit 040918c2 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes
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fix swank-media repl-result-maker for complex

There ought to be some way of catching this mistake, which is passing
a non-length-1 vector to the swank functions, which then vectorise and
confuse the event stream.
parent c0cf8f53
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ makeMediaReplResult.numeric <- function(value) {
list(quote(`:write-string`), string, quote(`:repl-result`))
makeMediaReplResult.complex <- function(value) {
string <- deparse(value)
string <- paste(deparse(value), sep="", collapse="\n")
list(quote(`:write-string`), string, quote(`:repl-result`))
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