Commit d11a1ea1 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes
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catch errors during printing of frame locals

tryCatch is R's handler-case.  (Spent some time wondering why
withCallingHandlers wasn't working, but that's handler-bind.)
parent e7df7e66
......@@ -425,7 +425,12 @@ computeRestartsForEmacs <- function (sldbState) {
objs <- ls(envir=frame)
list(lapply(objs, function(name) { list(quote(`:name`), name,
quote(`:id`), 0,
quote(`:value`), printToString(eval(parse(text=name), envir=frame))) }),
printToString(eval(parse(text=name), envir=frame))
}, error=function(c) {
sprintf("error printing object")
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