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      support swank:clear-repl-results in swank-presentations · 1b240562
      Christophe Rhodes authored
      This makes my worry about lacking weak hash tables a bit less
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      initial implementation of support for REPL presentations · e35149b4
      Christophe Rhodes authored
      There's a lot here that's ugly, unfinished or just downright horrible.
      Most notably, presentation support depends on swank-side read-time
      evaluation (indicated with Common Lisp syntax, which hilariously is a
      comment in R).  We can't support that in general, but we can
      special-case the presentation-specific operator.
      But then the next difficulty comes along; actually performing that
      read-time evaluation needs to happen in a different environment than
      the evaluation of the REPL form.  In order to achieve this, we abuse
      bquote() the equivalent of Lisp's backquote facility, by calling what
      in CL terms would be its macro-function on the parsed, preprocessed
      expression; only after doing that (and hence resolving the `read-time'
      evaluations) do we evaluate the call itself.
      The implementation of presentation protocol messages is also slightly
      ugly; having to implement cl:nth-value is particulraly horrible, but
      the lack of weak references / weak tables in R (at least as far as I
      can tell at the moment) is a cause of niggling concern.