Commit 13f6b936 authored by ctian's avatar ctian
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Buggy UDP support for ABCL (only socket-connect works now)

parent 485cb287
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
(in-package :usocket)
;;;;; Proposed contribution to the JAVA package
;;; Proposed contribution to the JAVA package
(defpackage :jdi
(:use :cl)
......@@ -186,24 +186,36 @@
(typecase condition
(error (error 'unknown-error :socket socket :real-error condition))))
(defun socket-connect (host port &key (element-type 'character)
(defun socket-connect (host port &key (protocol :stream) (element-type 'character)
timeout deadline (nodelay nil nodelay-specified)
local-host local-port)
(when deadline (unsupported 'deadline 'socket-connect))
(when local-host (unimplemented 'local-host 'socket-connect))
(when local-port (unimplemented 'local-port 'socket-connect))
(let ((usock))
(with-mapped-conditions (usock)
(let* ((sock-addr (jdi:jcoerce
(jdi:do-jnew-call ""
(host-to-hostname host)
(jdi:jcoerce port :int))
(jchan (jdi:do-jstatic-call "java.nio.channels.SocketChannel"
"open" sock-addr))
(let* ((sock-addr (when (and host port)
(jdi:do-jnew-call ""
(host-to-hostname host)
(jdi:jcoerce port :int))
(local-addr (when (or local-host local-port)
(jdi:do-jnew-call ""
(host-to-hostname (or host *wildcard-host*))
(jdi:jcoerce (or port *auto-port*) :int))
(jchan (jdi:do-jstatic-call (ecase protocol
(:stream "java.nio.channels.SocketChannel")
(:datagram "java.nio.channels.DatagramChannel"))
(sock (jdi:do-jmethod-call jchan "socket")))
(when nodelay-specified
;; TODO: Fix it
(when (or local-host local-port)
(jdi:do-jmethod-call sock "bind" local-addr))
(when (and host port)
(jdi:do-jmethod-call jchan "connect" sock-addr))
(when (and (eq protocol 'stream) nodelay-specified)
(jdi:do-jmethod-call sock "setTcpNoDelay"
(if nodelay
(java:make-immediate-object t :boolean)
......@@ -212,10 +224,14 @@
(jdi:do-jmethod-call sock "setSoTimeout"
(truncate (* 1000 timeout))))
(setf usock
:socket jchan
:stream (ext:get-socket-stream (jdi:jop-deref sock)
:element-type element-type)))))))
(ecase protocol
:socket jchan
:stream (ext:get-socket-stream (jdi:jop-deref sock)
:element-type element-type)))
(make-datagram-socket jchan))))))))
(defun socket-listen (host port
&key reuseaddress
......@@ -447,4 +463,29 @@ return the function result list.
(defun %remove-waiter (wl w)
(remhash (socket w) (wait-list-%wait wl)))
\ No newline at end of file
(remhash (socket w) (wait-list-%wait wl)))
;; UDP support
(defmethod socket-send ((socket datagram-usocket) buffer length &key host port)
(let ((jchan (socket socket)))
(let ((srcs (jdi:jcoerce buffer "java.nio.ByteBuffer"))
(offset (jdi:jcoerce 0 :int))
(length (jdi:jcoerce length :int)))
(if (and host port)
(let ((target (jdi:jcoerce
(jdi:do-jnew-call ""
(host-to-hostname host)
(jdi:jcoerce port :int))
;; how to use "length" argument here? --binghe, 2009/12/12
(jdi:do-jmethod-call jchan "send" buffer target))
(jdi:do-jmethod-call jchan "write" srcs offset length)))))
(defmethod socket-receive ((socket datagram-usocket) buffer length)
(let ((jchan (socket socket)))
(multiple-value-bind (buffer size host port)
(values buffer size host port))))
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