Unverified Commit 27a3bb3f authored by Chun Tian (binghe)'s avatar Chun Tian (binghe)
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Fix "wait-for-input fails to honor :ready-only t" (#57)

parent 839f7486
......@@ -316,7 +316,8 @@ The `body' is an implied progn form."
(clrhash (wait-list-map wait-list)))
(defun wait-for-input (socket-or-sockets &key timeout ready-only
&aux (single-socket-p (atom socket-or-sockets)))
&aux (single-socket-p
(usocket-p socket-or-sockets)))
"Waits for one or more streams to become ready for reading from
the socket. When `timeout' (a non-negative real number) is
specified, wait `timeout' seconds, or wait indefinitely when
......@@ -348,12 +349,12 @@ the values documented in usocket.lisp in the usocket class."
(unless (wait-list-p socket-or-sockets)
;; OPTIMIZATION: in case socket-or-sockets is an atom, create the wait-list
;; only once and store it into the usocket itself.
(let ((wl (if (and single-socket-p (wait-list socket-or-sockets))
(wait-list socket-or-sockets) ; reuse the wait-list
(let ((wl (if (and single-socket-p
(wait-list socket-or-sockets))
(wait-list socket-or-sockets) ; reuse the per-usocket wait-list
(make-wait-list (if (listp socket-or-sockets)
socket-or-sockets (list socket-or-sockets))))))
(sockets to-result)
(multiple-value-bind (sockets to-result)
(wait-for-input wl :timeout timeout :ready-only ready-only)
;; in case of single socket, keep the wait-list
(unless single-socket-p
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