Commit 556d59e4 authored by ctian's avatar ctian
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Merge r607 from branch 0.5.x

parent ed0f5cf1
......@@ -313,16 +313,16 @@ none."
(defmacro port-to-octet-buffer (port buffer &key (start 0))
`(integer-to-octet-buffer ,port ,buffer 2 ,start))
`(integer-to-octet-buffer ,port ,buffer 2 :start ,start))
(defmacro ip-to-octet-buffer (ip buffer &key (start 0))
`(integer-to-octet-buffer (host-byte-order ,ip) ,buffer 4 ,start))
`(integer-to-octet-buffer (host-byte-order ,ip) ,buffer 4 :start ,start))
(defmacro port-from-octet-buffer (buffer &key (start 0))
`(octet-buffer-to-integer ,buffer 2 ,start))
`(octet-buffer-to-integer ,buffer 2 :start ,start))
(defmacro ip-from-octet-buffer (buffer &key (start 0))
`(octet-buffer-to-integer ,buffer 4 ,start))
`(octet-buffer-to-integer ,buffer 4 :start ,start))
;; IP(v4) utility functions
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