Unverified Commit 678bca25 authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper Committed by GitHub
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lowercased Z in ccl::rletZ

Lowercased ccl::rletz so this will work with (readtable-case *readtable-case*) of :invert.
parent b64586ab
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
;; wait for more than one socket-or-fd
(defun input-available-p (sockets &optional ticks-to-wait)
(ccl::rletZ ((tv :timeval))
(ccl::rletz ((tv :timeval))
(ccl::ticks-to-timeval ticks-to-wait tv)
;;### The trickery below can be moved to the wait-list now...
(ccl::%stack-block ((infds ccl::*fd-set-size*))
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