Commit 68307f4c authored by ehuelsmann's avatar ehuelsmann
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Backport r693 from trunk to the 0.5.x release branch.

parent 216e05db
......@@ -116,8 +116,6 @@
(defvar $+op-read (jfield $*SelectionKey "OP_READ"))
(defvar $+op-write (jfield $*SelectionKey "OP_WRITE"))
(defconstant +java-true+ (make-immediate-object t :boolean))
(defconstant +java-false+ (make-immediate-object nil :boolean))
;;; Wrapper functions (return-type: java-object)
(defun %get-address (address)
......@@ -212,8 +210,8 @@
(setq stream (ext:get-socket-stream socket :element-type element-type)
usocket (make-stream-socket :stream stream :socket socket))
(when nodelay-supplied-p
(jcall $@setTcpNoDelay/1 socket (if nodelay ;; both t and :if-supported mean +java-true+
+java-true+ +java-false+)))
(jcall $@setTcpNoDelay/1 socket (if nodelay ;; both t and :if-supported mean java:+true+
java:+true+ java:+false+)))
(when timeout
(jcall $@setSoTimeout/Socket/1 socket (truncate (* 1000 timeout))))))
(:datagram ; UDP
......@@ -245,7 +243,7 @@
(channel (jstatic $@open/ServerSocketChannel/0 $*ServerSocketChannel))
(socket (jcall $@socket/ServerSocketChannel/0 channel))
(endpoint (jnew $%InetSocketAddress/2 (host-to-inet4 host) (or port 0))))
(jcall $@setReuseAddress/1 socket (if reuseaddress +java-true+ +java-false+))
(jcall $@setReuseAddress/1 socket (if reuseaddress java:+true+ java:+false+))
(with-mapped-conditions (socket)
(if backlog-supplied-p
(jcall $@bind/ServerSocket/2 socket endpoint backlog)
......@@ -399,7 +397,7 @@
(with-mapped-conditions ()
(dolist (channel channels)
(jcall $@configureBlocking/1 channel +java-false+)
(jcall $@configureBlocking/1 channel java:+false+)
(jcall $@register/2 channel selector (logand ops (jcall $@validOps/0 channel))))
(let ((ready-count (if timeout
(jcall $@select/1 selector (truncate (* timeout 1000)))
......@@ -414,7 +412,7 @@
(setf (state (gethash channel %wait)) :read)))))))
(jcall $@close/Selector/0 selector)
(dolist (channel channels)
(jcall $@configureBlocking/1 channel +java-true+)))))
(jcall $@configureBlocking/1 channel java:+true+)))))
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