Commit d58e470d authored by Madhu's avatar Madhu
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make-usocket-error-handler: fix api mismatch

parent d93f2397
......@@ -227,8 +227,17 @@
(iolib/streams:hangup ()
(funcall disconnector :close)))))
Too few arguments in call to #<Compiled-function (:internal usocket::make-usocket-error-handler) (Non-Global) #x3020018C678F>:
2 arguments provided, at least 3 required.
0: ((:internal usocket::make-usocket-error-handler) 17511955605035 2)
1: (iolib/multiplex::%handle-one-fd #<event base, 1 FDs monitored, using: #<epoll(4) multiplexer> #x3020018C963D> (8 (:error :read :write)) 54337.518855526D0 nil 0.0D0)
(defun make-usocket-error-handler (usocket disconnector)
(lambda (fd event exception)
(lambda (fd event &optional exception)
(declare (ignore fd event exception))
(setf (state usocket) nil)
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