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Updated CHANGES for 0.8.3 release

parent c2bfa7d5
* New backend: Mezzano (contributed by Bruno Cichon, #51)
* New experimental backend: Mezzano (contributed by Bruno Cichon, #51)
* Bugfix: WAIT-FOR-INPUT fails to honor :ready-only t (#57, thanks to @Reepca for reporting this issue)
* Bugfix: [ECL] Fix read-select in backend/sbcl.lisp to loop if interrupted (#54, #55, thanks to @thijs)
* [CCL] Fix compiling with (readtable-case readtable-case) of :invert. (#56, patch from @genworks)
* [Genera] added file attibutes (to all USOCKET lisp files) for Genera.
0.8.2: (June 11, 2019)
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