Commit b10f5dc2 authored by Carlos Ungil's avatar Carlos Ungil


parent 8f81dd23
(in-package :cl-user)
(ql:quickload :mxnet-predict)
(ql:quickload :opticl)
;;; cd ~
;;; wget
;;; tar xvzf inception-bn.tar.gz
;;; ls ~/model
(defvar *data-dir* "~/model")
(defun file-as-string (path)
(with-open-file (s path)
(let* ((len (file-length s))
(data (make-string len)))
(values data (read-sequence data s)))))
(defun file-as-bytes (path)
(with-open-file (s path :element-type 'unsigned-byte)
(let* ((len (file-length s))
(data (make-array len :element-type 'unsigned-byte)))
(values data (read-sequence data s)))))
(defvar *labels*
(with-open-file (in (format nil "~A/synset.txt" *data-dir*))
(loop for line = (read-line in nil nil) while line collect line)))
(defvar *json*
(file-as-string (format nil "~A/Inception_BN-symbol.json" *data-dir*)))
(defvar *params*
(file-as-bytes (format nil "~A/Inception_BN-0039.params" *data-dir*)))
(defvar *predictor*
(mxpred:predictor *json* *params* '(("data" 1 3 224 224)) :dev-type :cpu))
(defun identify-image (png-file &optional (top 5))
(let* ((image (opticl:coerce-image
(opticl:resize-image (opticl:read-png-file png-file) 224 224)
(data (make-array (* 1 3 224 224) :element-type 'single-float
:initial-contents (loop for c from 0 below 3
append (loop for i from c by 3 below (array-total-size image)
collect (- (row-major-aref image i) 128.0))))))
(mxpred:forward *predictor* `(("data" ,data)))
(subseq (sort (loop for prob in (mxpred:get-output *predictor*)
for label in *labels*
collect (cons prob label))
#'> :key #'car)
0 top)))
;;; wget
;; (identify-image "~/cup_PNG2000.png")
;; ((0.44806847 "n07930864 cup")
;; (0.2880092 "n02823750 beer glass")
;; (0.09610717 "n07920052 espresso")
;; (0.036979508 "n02948072 candle, taper, wax light")
;; (0.023760669 "n07584110 consomme"))
;;; wget
;; (identify-image "~/car_wheel_PNG1079.png")
;; ((0.99627846 "n02974003 car wheel")
;; (0.0010841467 "n03208938 disk brake, disc brake")
;; (4.2866074e-4 "n04548280 wall clock")
;; (3.3683694e-4 "n03777568 Model T")
;; (1.7127325e-4 "n03065424 coil, spiral, volute, whorl, helix"))
;;; wget
;; (identify-image "~/elephant_5_png_by_clipartcotttage-d79kjov.png")
;; ((0.31204274 "n02504013 Indian elephant, Elephas maximus")
;; (0.29726356 "n02504458 African elephant, Loxodonta africana")
;; (0.11172767 "n01704323 triceratops")
;; (0.1089943 "n01871265 tusker")
;; (0.041385192 "n03146219 cuirass"))
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