Commit 041b3362 authored by Carlos Ungil's avatar Carlos Ungil

na-string support, sqlite example

parent 80c3422d
;; example: creating a sqlite database from an excel sheet
;; (the contents of the first row are used as column names)
(asdf:load-system :sqlite)
(asdf:load-system :xlsx)
(defun fix-name (str)
(loop for char in '(#\- #\/ #\Space)
do (setf str (substitute #\_ char str)))
(setf str (remove #\. str))
(if (digit-char-p (elt str 0))
(concatenate 'string "_" str)
(defun xlsx-to-sqlite (file &optional (na "_NA_"))
(let ((xlsx (probe-file file)))
(when (null xlsx) (error "~A not found" file))
(let ((sqlite (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :type "sqlite") xlsx)))
(when (probe-file sqlite) (error "~A exists already" sqlite))
(let* ((data (xlsx:as-matrix (xlsx:read-sheet file 1) na))
(fields (loop for col from 0 below (array-dimension data 1)
collect (fix-name (aref data 0 col))))
(create-sql (format nil "CREATE TABLE data(~{~A~^,~})" fields))
(insert-sql (format nil "INSERT INTO data VALUES (~{~A~^,~})"
(loop repeat (length fields) collect "?"))))
(sqlite:with-open-database (db sqlite)
(sqlite:execute-to-list db create-sql)
(loop for row from 1 below (array-dimension data 0)
do (apply #'sqlite:execute-non-query db insert-sql
(loop for col from 0 below (length fields)
for item = (aref data row col)
collect (if (equal item na) nil item)))))))))
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