Commit 578e6b38 authored by Carlos Ungil's avatar Carlos Ungil

warn if the content of a calculated cell is not available

parent 5e6140e9
(asdf:defsystem #:xlsx
:name "XLSX"
:description "Basic reader for Excel files"
:description "Basic reader for Excel files."
:author "Carlos Ungil <>"
:license "MIT"
:serial t
......@@ -16,9 +16,8 @@
(defun get-unique-strings (zip)
(loop for str in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags :si (get-entry "xl/sharedStrings.xml" zip))
for x = (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :t str)
collect (cond ((equal (second x) '(("space" "preserve"))) " ")
((xmls:xmlrep-children x) (xmls:xmlrep-string-child x)))))
for x = (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :t str)
collect (xmls:xmlrep-string-child x)))
(defun get-number-formats (zip)
(let ((format-codes (loop for fmt in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags
......@@ -89,7 +88,9 @@ A numeric id or name is required unless the file contains a single worksheet."
(and (stringp fmt) (not (search "h" fmt)) (not (search "s" fmt))
(search "d" fmt) (search "m" fmt) (search "y" fmt)))))
when value
collect (let ((value (xmls:xmlrep-string-child value)))
collect (let ((value (ignore-errors (xmls:xmlrep-string-child value))))
(when (null value) (warn "cell contents missing at ~A ~A [ ~A ~A ]"
(car col-row) (cdr col-row) file entry-name))
(cons col-row
(cond ((equal type "e") (intern value "KEYWORD")) ;;ERROR
((equal type "str") value) ;; CALCULATED STRING
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