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first commit

(defpackage #:xlsx
(:use #:cl)
(:export #:list-sheets #:read-sheet #:as-matrix))
(asdf:defsystem #:xlsx
:name "XLSX"
:description "Basic reader for Excel files"
:author "Carlos Ungil <>"
:license "MIT"
:serial t
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "xlsx"))
:depends-on (:zip :flexi-streams :xmls))
(in-package #:xlsx)
(defun list-entries (file)
(zip:with-zipfile (zip file)
(loop for k being the hash-keys of (zip:zipfile-entries zip) collect k)))
(defun get-entry (name zip)
(let ((entry (zip:get-zipfile-entry name zip)))
(when entry (xmls:parse (flex:octets-to-string (zip:zipfile-entry-contents entry))))))
(defun get-relationships (zip)
(loop for rel in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags
:relationship (get-entry "xl/_rels/workbook.xml.rels" zip))
collect (cons (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "Id" rel)
(xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "Target" rel))))
(defun get-unique-strings (zip)
(loop for str in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags :si (get-entry "xl/sharedStrings.xml" zip))
collect (xmls:xmlrep-string-child (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :t str))))
(defun get-number-formats (zip)
(let ((format-codes (loop for fmt in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags
:numFmt (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag
:numFmts (get-entry "xl/styles.xml" zip) nil))
collect (cons (parse-integer (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "numFmtId" fmt))
(xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "formatCode" fmt)))))
(loop for style in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags
:xf (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag
:cellXfs (get-entry "xl/styles.xml" zip)))
collect (let ((fmt-id (parse-integer (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "numFmtId" style))))
(cons fmt-id (if (< fmt-id 164)
(cdr (assoc fmt-id format-codes))))))))
(defun column-and-row (colrow)
(loop for char across colrow
for pos from 0
while (alpha-char-p char) collect char into column
finally (return (cons (intern (coerce column 'string) "KEYWORD")
(parse-integer colrow :start pos)))))
(defun excel-date (int)
(apply #'format nil "~D-~2,'0D-~2,'0D"
(reverse (subseq (multiple-value-list (decode-universal-time (* 24 60 60 (- int 2)))) 3 6))))
(defun list-sheets (file)
"Retrieves the id and name of the worksheets in the .xlsx/.xlsm file."
(zip:with-zipfile (zip file)
(loop for sheet in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags
:sheet (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag
:sheets (get-entry "xl/workbook.xml" zip)))
with rels = (get-relationships zip)
for sheet-id = (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "sheetId" sheet)
for sheet-name = (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "name" sheet)
for sheet-rel = (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "id" sheet)
collect (list (parse-integer sheet-id)
(cdr (assoc sheet-rel rels :test #'string=))))))
(defun read-sheet (file &optional sheet)
"Retrives the contents of the given worksheet as a list of cells of the form ((:A . 1) . 42)
A numeric id or name is required unless the file contains a single worksheet."
(let* ((sheets (list-sheets file))
(entry-name (cond ((and (null sheet) (= 1 (length sheets)))
(third (first sheets)))
((stringp sheet)
(third (find sheet sheets :key #'second :test #'string=)))
((numberp sheet)
(third (find sheet sheets :key #'first))))))
(unless entry-name
(error "specify one of the following sheet ids or names: ~{~&~{~S~^~5T~}~}"
(loop for (id name) in sheets collect (list id name))))
(zip:with-zipfile (zip file)
(loop for row in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags
:row (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag
:sheetData (get-entry (format nil "xl/~A" entry-name) zip)))
with unique-strings = (get-unique-strings zip)
with number-formats = (get-number-formats zip)
append (loop for c in (rest (rest row))
for col-row = (column-and-row (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "r" c))
for value = (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :v c nil)
for type = (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "t" c nil)
for style = (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "s" c nil)
for date? = (and style
(destructuring-bind (id . fmt) (elt number-formats (parse-integer style))
(or (<= 14 id 17) ;; built-in: m/d/yyyy d-mmm-yy d-mmm mmm-yy
(and (stringp fmt) (not (search "h" fmt)) (not (search "s" fmt))
(search "d" fmt) (search "m" fmt) (search "y" fmt)))))
when value
collect (let ((value (xmls:xmlrep-string-child value)))
(cons col-row
(cond ((equal type "e") (intern value "KEYWORD")) ;;ERROR
((equal type "str") value) ;; CALCULATED STRING
((equal type "s") (nth (parse-integer value) unique-strings))
(date? (excel-date (parse-integer value)))
(t (read-from-string value))))))))))
(defun as-matrix (xlsx)
"Creates an array from a list of cells of the form ((:A . 1) . 42)
Empty columns or rows are ignored (column and row names are returned as additional values)."
(let* ((refs (mapcar #'first xlsx))
(cols (sort (remove-duplicates (mapcar #'car refs)) #'string< :key #'symbol-name))
(rows (sort (remove-duplicates (mapcar #'cdr refs)) #'<))
(output (make-array (list (length rows) (length cols)) :initial-element nil)))
(loop for col in cols
for ncol from 0
do (loop for row in rows
for nrow from 0
for val = (cdr (assoc (cons col row) xlsx :test #'equal))
when val do (setf (aref output nrow ncol) val)))
(values output cols rows)))
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