Commit a7a9f0ad authored by Carlos Ungil's avatar Carlos Ungil
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Updated to work with xmls 3. Issue reported and solution proposed by Bastiaan Egberts.

parent 578e6b38
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ A numeric id or name is required unless the file contains a single worksheet."
:sheetData (get-entry (format nil "xl/~A" entry-name) zip)))
with unique-strings = (get-unique-strings zip)
with number-formats = (get-number-formats zip)
append (loop for c in (rest (rest row))
append (loop for c in (xmls:xmlrep-children row)
for col-row = (column-and-row (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "r" c))
for value = (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :v c nil)
for type = (xmls:xmlrep-attrib-value "t" c nil)
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