Commit eddcb9fd authored by Carlos Ungil's avatar Carlos Ungil
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bug fixes and performance improvements

parent 600adc48
......@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@
(defun get-unique-strings (zip)
(loop for str in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags :si (get-entry "xl/sharedStrings.xml" zip))
collect (xmls:xmlrep-string-child (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :t str))))
collect (if (equal (second (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :t str)) '(("space" "preserve")))
" "
(xmls:xmlrep-string-child (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tag :t str)))))
(defun get-number-formats (zip)
(let ((format-codes (loop for fmt in (xmls:xmlrep-find-child-tags
......@@ -99,13 +101,9 @@ A numeric id or name is required unless the file contains a single worksheet."
"Creates an array from a list of cells of the form ((:A . 1) . 42)
Empty columns or rows are ignored (column and row names are returned as additional values)."
(let* ((refs (mapcar #'first xlsx))
(cols (sort (remove-duplicates (mapcar #'car refs)) #'string< :key #'symbol-name))
(cols (sort (remove-duplicates (mapcar #'car refs)) #'string< :key (lambda (x) (format nil "~3@A" x))))
(rows (sort (remove-duplicates (mapcar #'cdr refs)) #'<))
(output (make-array (list (length rows) (length cols)) :initial-element nil)))
(loop for col in cols
for ncol from 0
do (loop for row in rows
for nrow from 0
for val = (cdr (assoc (cons col row) xlsx :test #'equal))
when val do (setf (aref output nrow ncol) val)))
(loop for ((col . row) . val) in xlsx
do (setf (aref output (position row rows) (position col cols)) val))
(values output cols rows)))
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