Commit 2e96bf8d authored by Dave Cooper's avatar Dave Cooper
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cleaned up

parent 82a6169f
......@@ -442,9 +442,11 @@ values otherwise."
(incf (zacl-simple-stream-output-pointer stream)))
(defmethod stream-write-string ((stream zacl-simple-stream) string &optional start end)
(defmethod trivial-gray-streams::stream-write-string ((stream zacl-simple-stream) string &optional start end)
(unless start (setf start 0))
(unless end (setf end (length string)))
(let ((sequence (babel:string-to-octets string
:start start
:end end
......@@ -482,6 +484,7 @@ values otherwise."
(unless start (setf start 0))
(unless end (setf end (length sequence)))
(let ((buffer (zacl-simple-stream-output-buffer stream)))
;; no space in buffer?
(when (> (+ (- end start) (zacl-simple-stream-output-pointer stream))
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