Commit 68cb9662 authored by Michael's avatar Michael

Syncing from Monotone at 20140114001117

parent db731826
......@@ -219,6 +219,7 @@ like e. g. *ESCAPE-TYPE*."
(cl-emb:execute-emb \"\\1\" :env env :generator-maker generator-maker)) ")
("\\s+@insert\\s+(\\S+)\\s*" . "= (cl-emb::contents-of-file (merge-pathnames (cl-emb::getf-emb \"\\1\") template-path-default)) ")
("\\s+@set\\s+(.*?)\\s*" . ,(function set-specials))
("#.*" . "")
"List of conses. FIRST is regex, REST replacement (STRING or FUNCTION).
Functions get called with two parameters: match and list of registers.")
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