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    2.26.149: next release will be ASDF 3 after all, not ASDF 2.27. · 0f685693
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    Introduce some backward incompatibility with features unused in quicklisp:
    * Don't create a temporary package every time you load a .asd;
     instead, load everything from same package ASDF-USER,
     that :use's asdf/common-lisp asdf/package asdf/interface
     That's the Common Lisp way, what with COMMON-LISP-USER.
     If you want a private package, use DEFPACKAGE or DEFINE-PACKAGE.
    * operation-description is renamed action-description.
     No one was using it in quicklisp, and no one was specializing it
     except cl-protobufs, which I'll fix.
    * component-properties and component-property are gone.
     If you want a new property, create your own subclass of component.
    Also, have a load-asd function with name in keyword arguments,
    rather than load-sysdef function that requires the name.