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    Daniel Barlow authored
    shouldn't do global proclamations, that's bad karma (reported by Gary Byers)
    modules maybe now can have no components (Matthew Danish, SF bug id 625738)
    (added an :initform nil, haven't actually tested)
    significant reworking to handle recompilation of dependencies properly
     - use of component properties for last-compiled/last-loaded is gone
     - new internal gf INPUT-FILES (COMPONENT OPERATION)
     - TRAVERSE doesn't actually perform anything, but it now has a defined
       return value: a list of the ops and components that need doing.
       OPERATE loops over answers from TRAVERSE
     - intended to have no user-visible effects, but ICBW!
       May break existing systems!
     - still doesn't do cross-module dependencies properly, sigh.  but we're
     - default output-files method now returns NIL instead of causing an error