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README: fix recipe to load source for debugging

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......@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ Debugging ASDF
To interactively debug ASDF, you may load it in such a way that `M-.` will work,
by installing the source code, and running:
(map () 'load (asdf:input-files :monolithic-concatenate-source-op "asdf"))
(map () 'load (asdf:input-files :monolithic-concatenate-source-op "asdf/defsystem"))
To interactively use the `asdf-tools`, you need to either have
all its dependencies installed and configured.
......@@ -295,4 +295,5 @@ How do I navigate this source tree?
* This file.
* Plenty of ideas for how to further improve ASDF.
* Plenty of ideas for how to further improve ASDF
(not all of them guaranteed good ideas.)
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